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4th Annual Youth Shotgun Shoot Big Success

Lonnie Sizer certified gun safety instructor, introduces first time shooters to the shotgun

Lonnie Sizer certified gun safety instructor, introduces first time shooters to the shotgun.

First time shooters listen and learn shooter safety before advancing to the trap station.

First time shooters listen and learn shooter safety before advancing to the trap station.

It’s ready, aim, pull for an advanced shooter. 

Parents enjoy the successes of their young shooters.

It’s further instruction from Bryan cook, chapter member, and a Rod and Gun Club field master.

Another advanced shooter aims and calls pull. And he got it!


Imagine 25 young people, over half of whom were first time shoots, anxiously awaiting their turn on the trap shooting line. That was the scene August 19th as the Yamhill Chapter of Oregon Hunters hosted their Fourth Annual Youth Shotgun Shoot in conjunction with the Newberg Rod and Gun Club in Dundee. 

Following initial safety instruction, shooters progressed to the range for further level instruction before the sound of blasts and encouragement were heard from the firing line. Reactions varied, depending on novice or advanced levels of abilities, but all were enthusiastic about the event. As parents watched and range officials supervised, young shooters came away with a tremendous experience. And they are definitely looking forward to the 5th annual event next year.


The Yamhill Chapter of Oregon Hunters Association wishes to thank the range masters and volunteers of the Newberg Rod and Gun Club for their support and participation in our Fourth Annual Youth Shotgun Shoot.

Thanks also go to chapter members providing their time and expertise, making this event a big success: Johnny McGhehey (chapter coordinator for the event), John McGhehey, Jonathan McGhehey, Bill Dollar, Lonnie Sizer, Shirley Titus, Peg Morris, Tayler Jerome, Alex Ehnes, and Bryan Cook.

FWS Hunting, Fishing and Recreation Report (SO 3347/3356/3366)

Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Ankeny, Baskett Slough and William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuges)

September 23, 2018

For the 10 youth that successfully drew waterfowl hunt permits at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge in Dallas, Oregon, they knew how lucky they were. There are not that many hunting opportunities in the Willamette Valley and it was the first ever youth waterfowl hunt at this Refuge. The wetlands were flooded up at just the right time: post weed management and just in time to provide for early fall migrants. Striving to create the best quality hunt possible, partners like Oregon Duck Hunters Association, Oregon Hunters Association, Ducks Unlimited, Oregon Waterfowl Festival and the Friends of the Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex made this possible. These organizations contributed decoys, blind construction materials, and hours of volunteer time to create the five hunt blinds and to provide mentorship for some of the youth hunters. It all paid off. Some of the success stories include thirteen-year-old Grace who got her first duck, and Aaron who harvested one mallard and three Cackling geese from the blind he chose at Cackler Marsh. Nick harvested a mallard with his father and their dog, Sailor. For two hunters this hunt was their first ever! While not every hunter was successful, comments back to us indicated that there were lots of shooting opportunities and everyone really valued the hunt. One parent said, “We feel like you really rolled out the red carpet for us, it was a great experience.”